Transform Your Body: 6 Week Holiday Countdown

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The holidays are just around the corner!

Join us for our 6 week Holiday Count down…

Transform Your Body


4 -Week Weight-loss and Detox Program

October 21st – November 11th

4 Tuesdays:  6-7:30 pm

Redmond Office

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Learn the truth about weight loss and start the holiday season right!

Clear Chiropractic of Redmond is proud to announce our practical/educational program for Weight Loss and Wellness!

Our program is truly unique in that each participant, through our weekly workshops, will receive a practical program and system for implementation.

Learn how to take control of your health and make positive changes that will last a lifetime – resulting in rapid healthy weight loss.

What we will cover:

Get Healthy to Lose Weight, Goal Setting and Time Management Tricks

  • Understand the direct link between health and weight loss.
  • Identify your eating habits, emotional triggers and your reshape your thought about food and health.
  • Uncover your motivating factors to reach a deeper level of commitment to your health and increase your chances of weight loss success.
  • Time and money saving tips for eating healthy and feeding yourself and your family well!

The Hormonal Influence on Weight Loss:

  • “I eat really well and I still gain weight”
  • “I work out all the time and my weight won’t budge”
  • “I’ve lost a bunch of weight but then plateaued and can’t seem to lose the belly fat”
  • Hormonal issues play a huge role in metabolism and weight loss.  We will address the key hormones, discuss what happens when they are out of balance and identify how to get back into balance naturally.
  • Learn more about weight loss and detox programs.
  • Receive your specific nutrition plan to address belly fat and this type of imbalance NATURALLY.


  • Why lean muscle mass and your body fat percentage is a better indicator of good health than being “skinny.”
  • Why long cardio workouts don’t work for certain people.
  • What is the best type of exercise for people who are experiencing stubborn belly fat or weight loss resistance.
The New Nutrition
  • How low fat and calorie restrictive diets are doing people harm.
  • Why the 4 Food Groups and the new Food Pyramid are wrong.
  • Why carbs are a vital and important part of your diet.
  • How eating more FAT can help you BURN FAT.
  • TRICKS to sail through the HOLIDAYS without excess weight gain!

This workshop series is not product centered but rather whole food based, which means there will be no buying Boxed Foods, Designer Shakes, Bottles of Pills, Herbs or Fancy Equipment.  During our program, you will learn how to “detox” in a healthy manner while not restricting calories or taking gimmicky or potentially dangerous products.  We review topics such as cooking styles, what the best cooking oils and seasonings are, how to navigate a grocery store, how to design your shopping list, how to read food labels and we will bust many of the most common myths about healthy eating such as why fruit juice is junk food, why soy products make us fat and mess with our hormones, how whole grains can be just as bad as white bread and why most diet products do more harm than good.

Get ready for the holidays the right way.  Take off that unwanted weight BEFORE the holiday season begins and learn easy tips for surviving the holidays without putting the weight back on!

Don’t wait!  Meet the holidays with a vengeance,

take responsibility for your health, lose weight

AND enjoy the holidays!!!


Get Healthy   ∞   Lose Weight   ∞   Feel Great


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