A Review

I have the great fortune of living about a mile from the Kirkland Clear Chiro location so it was an easy choice to use them when the time came last year. I was one of the types of folks who had never been to a chiropractor before and therefore did not have a deep understanding of just how much what they do matters. As a brief background, I had been suffering from a pretty constant headache for almost three weeks. My General Practitioner prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers that did nothing but make me groggy. They then recommended seeing a massage therapist. This made it WORSE. I made an appointment at Clear Chiro and they accommodated me the same day due to the amount of discomfort I was in. Dr. Evans listened to my description of where I hurt, took some x-rays, found the problem, and adjusted my C1 vertebrae right then. Within 24 hours the headaches were gone and I was feeling much better. I decided to see them on a regular basis as I had some issues with neck curvature and lower back. Dr. Evans cleared those issues up as well. I have not been back for a couple months for a check up since things were going fine but I have to say, Their curtesy, genuine concern for the patient, and obvious expertise worked perfectly in my case. I love what they do and highly recommend them to anyone with issues that may remotely be related to the spine.