A Review

I found this place randomly after a tour of the birth clinic downstairs. I had what turned out to be a dislocated rib and was in a lot of pain. I had spent the previous day trying to find a chiropractor, but no one could squeeze in a new patient, which I found infuriating ("sorry, it takes too long to do the paperwork, you’ll just have to deal with your *excruciating pain* till tomorrow").I popped in and caught them during their pre-business hours daily meeting, but they were more than happy to have me pop in and quickly fill out the paperwork then scheduled me for an appointment for right after they officially opened. I was able to go to a quick lunch with my beautiful wife then come back. I saw Dr. Thornley, who was amazing. In my visits he’s fixed my dislocated rib, is working to help re-align my neck which I injured in a car accident nearly a year ago, and helping me reduce my lower back pain.  The staff there is amazingly helpful and friendly, the atmosphere is open and caring, and the doctors are all professional and deeply talented. I would strongly recommend that anyone who is in need of chiropractic care visit Clear Chiropractic.