A Review

If you're corona conscious, do not come here. All of Dr. Clum's efforts to close down reception, do sanitation, and do remote consultations are really in vain because she refuses to wear a mask. Oh but you have to wear one, and so does her front desk staff. If you ask her why, she is not willing to disclose her reasoning, which means likely there is none other than she's negligent or in denial about the situation. On top of that she claims that she's within the 15 minute contact guidelines, I wonder if supposing I had the virus she'd let me breathe in her face for 14 minutes in the x-ray room (like she'll do to you) because of course that would be under guidelines. I think her merit as a chiropractor might be fine so I'll leave 2 stars. I don't like paying people like this and you shouldn't either.