Living With Pain

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Too often people live their lives in discomfort or pain without discovering effective methods of recovery. Minor accidents can result in a lifetime of problems if left alone. These problems can begin as a childhood fall or an accident you thought was minor which resulted in subluxations. Subluxations are known as a partial dislocation in the vertebrae. The spinal cord …

The Story of the First Chiropractic Adjustment

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The practice of working with the spine to improve health has been around for thousands of years and has been documented by different cultures around the world. This type of ancient, natural and drugless healing practice began to disappear the first moment humans implemented the use of drugs and surgery, until the practice of Chiropractic was discovered (newly) in 1895 by Dr. D.D. Palmer, a natural healer from Davenport, Iowa. Patients with heart conditions, vision problems, digestive disorders, hormonal disorders, migraines, sciatica and other health problems went to see Dr. Palmer, their conditions improved and word spread.