Thermography is a safe, reliable and painless way to diagnose and measure the health of the nervous system. It measures the infrared heat given off by the body’s surface. The health of the nervous system determines the health of the body; it determines whether or not there are aches and pains and whether or not a disease is at held at bay or not.

The test is based on a precise analysis of the body’s surface temperature along the spine. Differences in temperature from left to right at like points, greater than .3 degrees Celsius, are an indication of poor nervous system function. Chiropractors restore normal nervous system function and this test lets us know when aches and pains are signs of healing or signs of hurting, because the thing is that they often feel the same. If we adjust based solely on the presence of pain, we may be doing more harm than good. This would only serve to slow the process. On a side note, sometimes the body “feels good” but needs an adjustment before unseen, underlying problems cause actual pain.

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