Welcome to Clear Chiropractic

Our team of chiropractors located in Redmond, Kirkland and Spokane, WA are dedicated to serving an exceptional patient experience, and have been additionally trained in a little known, highly specific procedure designed to help patients with the least amount of treatment possible; upper cervical chiropractic.

Why Choose Us?

Often times problems can be traced back to one single cause. We are committed to finding that root cause. Your journey back to health doesn’t have to be hard. We have a refreshing perspective on heath and well-being, one that doesn’t just put a band-aid on current problems.

Why Upper Cervical Care?

When we study the spine very carefully we usually find that there is just one area that has a profound effect on the rest of the spine. As we correct this root cause we begin to see the rest of the spine return to its natural self-correcting state, thus removing the need for too much repetitive care.


Massage is an essential technique as you journey back to health. Benefits include increased immunity, circulation and energy while decreasing fatigue, stress and anxiety. Our therapists have also taken additional training to specialize in pre-natal, TMJ, deep tissue and cranial sacral approaches to massage.

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