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Dinner with Doc

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Dinner with Doc

Wednesday May 30th

6:00 pm

The Olive Garden in Kirkland
Address: 11325 NE 124th St

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If you or a loved one has ever said or thought any of the following statements you can’t miss out on this event!

~ It’s because I’m getting old.

~ My doctor said I have to learn to live with it.

~ It’s normal, a lot of people have that problem.

~ It runs in my family.

~ I don’t have the time to take care of my health.

~ I don’t have the money to take care of that now.


Sound familiar?


Our FREE Dinner with the Doc event is one of our favorite events.  It touches on the biggest health concerns in America, our community, and most importantly in you and your family’s life.

Here’s how it works:

We will buy you and up to 4 guests dinner and, while we break bread together, we will show you the most powerful health and healing strategies, giving you the information necessary to reclaim control of your health.

These are life-changing events!  Don’t Miss Out!

Seating is limmited

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